Baby Sounds

Fatherhood has only lasted 15 days and I am already learning so much. For example, babies have never burped and as such are terrified by the prospect (or at least my baby is). Also, why did no one ever tell me how loud newborns are? Our baby grunts, snuffles, clears her throat; half the times she sounds more like an old lady than a tiny baby. Or like the tiny rhino that we’ve nicknamed her after.

Perhaps I’m more sensitive to sounds since becoming a father. My sleep in general has been getting lighter as I’ve gotten older, but with an infant sharing our bedroom I’ve become especially aware. I wake up at changes in her breathing, grunts that could be stretching or pooping or something unthinkable. Moreover, I’m very lucid when I do wake up, ready to react. No wonder parents always seem so tired! At the same time, I have learned to differentiate her noises. Which grunts mean “I’m hungry”, versus which ones just mean that she’s fussy. Whether they’re the cries of a baby in need of comforting or a baby still asleep, and that is a huge difference.

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