In quarantine, time seems to travel more quickly and more slowly by every measure. The minutes slow to a crawl, the hours leap wildly back and forth, and the days slip by as your beard grows out of control. This time dilation effect seems to be getting more pronounced the longer we’re under lockdown. It has made Ramadan this year more difficult, along with the removal of the social aspects which made it more bearable.

Additionally, the timey-wimey stuff is really wreaking havoc on my patience. As I spend the same/more/who knows time teaching kindergarten, I am running out of stamina. Who can keep this going indefinitely? Even teachers get the summer off, but the concept of “summer” (or “off” for that matter) seem so alien at this point that it’s got me spiraling.

So where does it all end? Is there such a thing as an end? Stay tuned, and I’ll let you know when I figure it out.