My glasses! My glasses! I can't see without my glasses!

Month: April 2020

Dad’s special day

It’s my birthday and I’m happily confined to my bedroom. I know! I am also surprised! I am laying in bed listening to music, nodding off occasionally. This is bliss. I was allowed to sleep in, I got a fun little home made hat, and lots of kisses.

It reminds me of an old bit from Bill Cosby, Himself (with deep apologies considering the revelations about his behavior). It starts with him making breakfast for his kids, and ends with him being sent to his room, which is where he wanted to be in the first place. Now that makes so much more sense!

I need to apologize to my Dad for all the times I gave him a hard time for his Sunday nod off. Dad, you were right.

Earth Returning?

Not really, but what is happening during the lock down is that I am forced to look at the same things over and over again in my house until I really see them. So it appears that our heretofore presumably sterile back yard is actually teeming with life, and not just pests and vermin either! As the weather has warmed up in the last few days, I am noticing large, happy bumblebees, and one notably iridescent dragonfly. The real treat, though, has been the pair of hummingbirds that frequent the Meyer lemon tree (I also just discovered that little tidbit).

They come out in the mornings and later afternoon, zipping around the garden, and then up to the pines right behind the property. They have feuds occasionally with the crows that live in the neighborhood, and chase them around (which is an odd sight, considering the size difference). I’m just surprised they don’t come down into the garden to have at the camellia or the rose busy. That would seem to be a really easy target, no?

The First Watershed

We’ve reached the first watershed in this quarantine. Rather, we probably reached it a week or two ago but I’ve been in denial. That watershed is when social media is no longer satisfying at all. I mean it wasn’t that satisfying to begin with, the empty calories have been very unsatisfying and I started the year swearing off FB for several weeks (a month and a half?). I managed to do a good job, replacing the constant checking with reading, which I need to do more of anyway.

Then, of course, this pandemic happened. And the time in quarantine had to be filled with something. And that something ended up being Snapbook, Faceitter, and their ilk. It’s maddening of course, to slide back into the morass of other peoples’ opinions, and the maddening, anxiety making exposure to the unfiltered news feed.


So I need to stop. Like, today. Right now. Right after I check one more time.

The Morning After

In this case, it’s the morning after the weekend which was a the weekend after week 4 (5? 12? 456?) of quarantine. Nothing is different (except for a new LEGO starter kit, which was a genius move on my part to get the Tiny Rhino busy. Other than that it’s a mug of tea, in one of several mugs that are in the rotation, and preparation for what we call Baba School.

Another week stretches before us, with no prospects beyond extreme grocery shopping, some puzzling, and arguments. At least the weather looks nice.

This may have been the worst time to decide to revive the blog.

Starting Over

I lost everything. So I am starting over. Here. With you. With this. At the worst stretch in the last hundred years for everything except starting a self-indulgent little blog about my life.

I should probably mention that the everything I lost was the old version of this blog (mkII, if you will). Other than that I’ve been pretty fortunate.