Not really, but what is happening during the lock down is that I am forced to look at the same things over and over again in my house until I really see them. So it appears that our heretofore presumably sterile back yard is actually teeming with life, and not just pests and vermin either! As the weather has warmed up in the last few days, I am noticing large, happy bumblebees, and one notably iridescent dragonfly. The real treat, though, has been the pair of hummingbirds that frequent the Meyer lemon tree (I also just discovered that little tidbit).

They come out in the mornings and later afternoon, zipping around the garden, and then up to the pines right behind the property. They have feuds occasionally with the crows that live in the neighborhood, and chase them around (which is an odd sight, considering the size difference). I’m just surprised they don’t come down into the garden to have at the camellia or the rose busy. That would seem to be a really easy target, no?