We’ve reached the first watershed in this quarantine. Rather, we probably reached it a week or two ago but I’ve been in denial. That watershed is when social media is no longer satisfying at all. I mean it wasn’t that satisfying to begin with, the empty calories have been very unsatisfying and I started the year swearing off FB for several weeks (a month and a half?). I managed to do a good job, replacing the constant checking with reading, which I need to do more of anyway.

Then, of course, this pandemic happened. And the time in quarantine had to be filled with something. And that something ended up being Snapbook, Faceitter, and their ilk. It’s maddening of course, to slide back into the morass of other peoples’ opinions, and the maddening, anxiety making exposure to the unfiltered news feed.


So I need to stop. Like, today. Right now. Right after I check one more time.